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Australian Bishops’ Letter on Vaccines

I read the letter of the Australian bishops conference of April 2021 regarding covid vaccines. 

This document engages with a strong emphasis on the moral permissibility of taking the vaccine.

What it does not emphasise is the fact that, just because a vaccine is “morally permissible”, this does not make it “physically safe”.

In fact, the bishops’ document goes on to say that “it is not the role of bishops to advise on the safety and efficacy of vaccines”. 

Why spill so much ink on defending the moral permissibility of the vaccine when you’re not in a position to advise on the safety of the vaccine? Curious…

Moreover, the above bishops letter does not draw attention to the risk of contracting Covid as compared with the risk of contracting the common flu, or the fact that the alternative cures for Covid have been consistently suppressed by the powers-that-be, or the fact that Australian doctors are discouraged from advising patients against the vaccine, or the fact that the collateral damage caused by the lockdowns on every level of human life is enormously disproportionate to the very small risk of being harmed by this virus, or the fact that various top medical experts and scientists around the world are warning that the ‘vaccine’ causes you to spread new variants of the virus to others.

So much for the bishops letter.

LG Sleiman

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