This site is the fruit of many years of study in the fields of philosophy, theology and science–and it turns out that these disciplines, upon close examination, enjoy a profound, underlying unity and harmony. My friends and students have often engaged me in great conversations and challenging questions which have, in turn, enriched my journey and helped me to articulate my thoughts more fully.

This site is offered as a token of my gratitude–to share some of the conversations, the questions, and the ongoing journey with which I have been blessed.

I believe that there are many today who still hold to the objectivity of truth, that faith is more powerful than doubt, that sincere and ongoing dialogue ennobles the soul, and that human reason is still able to reach out and grasp the truth.

Faced with today’s profound and widespread changes in society, and its accompanying challenges and struggles, the power of faith and reason, like the “two wings on which the human spirit rises”, can still lead us on to know the truth, and to transcend the obstacles and limitations that would otherwise hinder our journey to fulfilment.

LG Sleiman

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