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The Letters of St Francis of Paola

Saint Francis of Paola (1416-1507) was healed of a kind of eye disease through the intercession of St Francis of Assisi when he was still a young man, led an extraordinarily ascetic life, had many followers, founded dozens of monasteries, frequently performed miracles, and made several astounding prophecies regarding the end times Army of the Lord—prophecies which are astonishing in their scope and detail, and which are found in the body of his seven letters reproduced here.

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St Francis of Paola: Prophecy

St Francis of Paola on the Army of the Lord

The prophecies of St Francis of Paola (1416-1507) are quite detailed, graphic, and most astounding. There is a lot to take in, to reflect upon, and to revisit again and again, because there is so much depth in these letters that cannot possibly be taken in upon a first reading, in my humble opinion.

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St Louis de Montfort: Prophecy

St Louis on the Army of the Lord.

Saint Louis was a French priest (1673–1716) who is well known for his classic work, “True Devotion To Mary” in which he gives one of the most descriptive and profound prophecies regarding the army of the Lord of the last days.

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The Army Of The Lord

There are several prophecies over the centuries which speak of an army of the Lord to be manifested towards the end of time: a great army of Christian saints who will come to restore all things in Christ and usher in an Age of Peace, the likes of which has never been seen since Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden.

Various saints and seers give us insights into different aspects and functions of this army of the Lord.

This category will examine some of the main prophecies in this regard.

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